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Whether it’s your first tattoo or one to add to your growing collection, if you want to have a sharp glowing tattoo weeks, months, and years after your session then it is very important to follow our advice in proper tattoo preparation and after care. 

Before your appointment, try to hydrate sufficiently and refrain from drinking alcohol within the last 36 to 48 hours.  This could thin the blood, resulting in ink being pushed away from the skin.  A solid meal is recommended a few hours before your session, because of your pumped adrenaline and exhaustion of sugars.  We have a water fountain at the studios; however it is a good idea to bring a high sugar content drink like Lucozade or Powerade 

It won’t hurt to bring an mp3 player (iPad,iPhone, etc…) because it could help keep you relaxed. We will try and keep you engaged in conversation, but sometimes a film or music is the best way to keep your mind pre-occupied. 

Make sure to arrive on time for your appointment, or if you are stuck in traffic please let us know. 


Getting a new tattoo involves breaking the skin’s surface, so there is always a potential risk for infection to occur afterwards. Your tattoo should be treated as a wound initially and it is important that this advice is followed so that the infection risk can be minimised. 

Avoid unnecessary touching, scratching or picking of your new tattoo. 

Always wash and dry your hands before and after touching any of the areas on or surrounding your new tattoo. 

You new tattoo will be covered with a dressing by one of our artists; this should be removed around 4 hours after finishing the piece. After the removal of that dressing, gently wash the tattoo with an un-perfumed soap and warm tap water. Wait for the tattoo to air dry completely, do not rub or the skin will become irritated. If possible shower, rather than bathe whilst healing to ensure prolonged water exposure is prevented. 

After this apply a thin layer of the recommended product to tattooed area, and cover with cling film. Always ensure the tattoo is thoroughly clean before this process, and make sure you change the film every 4 hours. 

Repeat this process for the first 5 days. Then continue applying the cream but let the tattoo breathe and don’t cover. 

Do not use skin products on the tattoo that haven’t been recommended by Eagles Wings or their tattooists. 

Always wait for the tattoo to completely dry before applying the cream. 

After approximately 2 weeks any scabbing should have gone and been replaced with new intact skin. The area should be fully healed in a further 10-14 days. 

Avoid swimming, sunbeds and sunbathing until your new tattoo is fully healed, sunlight and chlorine can dye pigments and cause irritation. 

Try to wear loose, cotton clothing to minimise rubbing and irritation to your new tattoo. Always keep it covered or away from dirty or dusty environments.